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Marie Belfiore – Director – Landmark Financial Services

Solution4 makes it seamless to conduct business and produces a great professional management program that allows me to stay in front of my referral network. Without Solution4's management program I would have to spend additional time creating and marketing to my clients and would leave me less time to work with clients.

My plan is to add all my past clients, as well as my current clients into the management program to assist with company campaign's. I LOVE it! It makes my life so so much easier!

Solution4 has impacted all aspects of my mortgage broker business. My repeat business, my referral business has all increased dramatically. And, the customer service people at Solution4 are absolutely wonderful to deal with. In today's corporate climate of bigger is better, Solution4 gives me the tool which allow me to look, act and feel just like the multi-state super brokers.

Tom Quinn – Quinn Financial

Having been in Financial Services for over 20 years I needed to move with the times. I needed a professional, modern and user friendly website for new and existing clients. Having researched possible providers for this, I was impressed with Solution4’s creativity and design. Their expertise in Financial Services websites was evident and with excellent business support they matched my expectations.

Robert MacIntyre – One Stop Property Shop

We at OSPS Mortgages have been using SENRO for over 2 years now and initially I was reluctant to use the system fully, protecting my PFAS from work duplication. However Openwork’s speed of payment on mortgage proc fees almost forced my hand.

Through the great support provided by Lindsay Green and my office admin staff we recently traced 88 unpaid cases worth a total of £38k plus £6k in underpaid cases. As you can imagine I was delighted and shocked to see how much we were potentially losing through poor business admin.

The SENRO system now allows us to trace all of our business from inception to payment. We also trace work flow and activity using the SENRO system. It is not an exaggeration to say our business could have been in serious financial difficulty had we not traced these missing fees. So, thanks to all at SENRO and especially Lindsay Green. This system is good but only if you use it properly!!! So take the time to do the training is my final word of advice.

Fiona Lyne – Elite Financial & Mortgage Services Limited

Senro has streamlined the way in which we work giving us the information we require from our client bank at the touch of a button. It has also enabled us to work towards a paper free environment and proves a better communication tool between office staff and advisers. We have no hesitation in recommending Senro to others as a database solution.