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Commission & Fees

Save time on commission reconciliation

We understand the difficulties faced by businesses everyday tracking and managing their commission and fees, plus the time invested generating reports and payroll.

Keeping track of commissions and fees in SENRO is easy. We have simplified the process and created automatic commission calculations. From entering a single commission value, SENRO will calculate adviser’s commission, commission splits and introducer fees.

SENRO accommodates many commission variables enabling you to create unique rules for each adviser and introducer. If your commission structure is outside normal criteria, our consultancy team can advise you on the options available including customising SENRO to your business needs.

SENRO is the effective and efficient answer to replacing traditional time-consuming methods such as spreadsheets and paper records. It provides a user-friendly, adaptable and comprehensive solution to calculating and tracking commissions and fees.


SENRO Functionality List

We believe SENRO is the most comprehensive Online Client business management system available on the market.

Download the functionality list to understand what SENRO can do for your business

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