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Diary Management

Organisation the way you like it

SENRO diary management system allows an entire team to work together providing you with the most important management tool for your business needs.

Depending on the size of your business, different staff members may be responsible for particular tasks assigned to managing referrals, pending business, reviews and appointments. You may even plan your day according to which one of these workloads you wish to prioritise.

SENRO is the first database that recognises the 4 workloads that make up the different diary management systems used by advisers.

  • Appointments
  • New Sign ups
  • Pending applications
  • Future Reviews

SENRO’s diary system is methodical and easy to use, displaying information relating to the task at hand to streamline your daily workload and reduce the time allocated to processing each application or new business opportunity.


SENRO Functionality List

We believe SENRO is the most comprehensive Online Client business management system available on the market.

Download the functionality list to understand what SENRO can do for your business

Click here to download the functionality list