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Marketing to the right clients

It is important that every business recognises the importance of marketing and brand awareness. It is vital to keep your clients informed of new products and services, special offers and industry changes.

The information that you gather about your clients, either at meetings or during ‘after sales care’ is the most valuable asset your business has. To create targeted marketing campaigns you need to access and use this client information easily and efficiently.

SENRO can filter data from your entire client database to retrieve a tailored client list.

Using your selected client list, you can create a personalised marketing campaign to be sent either by mail merge, email or SMS.

SENRO is designed to help you maximise on marketing opportunities and reduce the time and cost required to generate new business, by potentially saving you money on labour, printing, postage overheads.


SENRO Functionality List

We believe SENRO is the most comprehensive Online Client business management system available on the market.

Download the functionality list to understand what SENRO can do for your business

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