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Document Library

Storing client and business files

SENRO provides 4 document libraries to attach and store supporting documentation, which means access to your client files and documents, from anywhere in the world.

This means you no longer need to worry about loss, damage, fire or theft as all files and documents are secure, safe and automatically backed up every day.

The following document libraries are available in SENRO

Client Library – Each client file has a confidential library to store all documents relating to their personal details or applications, such as identification, paper applications and correspondence.

Maintenance Library – SENRO allows you to maintain a library with the latest provider documents, such as application forms etc.

Management Library – Restricted access for users means you can store sensitive information such as personnel records, board minutes and business plans.

Office Library – Perfect for updating staff notice boards, holiday schedules and business announcements.


SENRO Functionality List

We believe SENRO is the most comprehensive Online Client business management system available on the market.

Download the functionality list to understand what SENRO can do for your business

Click here to download the functionality list