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SENRO Screenshots

We believe SENRO is one of the most user-friendly systems on the market because its navigation is straight forward allowing you to find your way around without getting confused. This helps our users get the most from SENRO, so you do not get frustrated trying to understand what is displayed or how to extract the information you want.

Please click on the screen visuals to get a feel for SENRO. To fully appreciate the systems capabilities we recommend a live presentation where one of our Sales Managers will take you through the database and explain how it can benefit you and your business.

Client & Diary Management


Access to the client bank can be controlled by setting up staff viewing rights. You can use the advance filters and search tools to isolate specific client records.

Network access and controls are also available.


From a clients profile you can view all existing arrangements.

A client profile also stores all historical communication, daily activities and fact find information.

Both personal and corporate client profiles are available.


A ‘Notes and Activities’ page is incorporated within every profile record within SENRO. Any information relating to the relevant profile can be stored and retrieved from the appropriate file.

Diary activities are also created from this tool including SMS, Email or Internal Messages to multiple recipients, ensuring you can keep everyone involved in the sales process and updated on the latest information.


The SENRO Home Page serves as a dashboard feature, providing a summary of activities, messages and calendar events to be actioned on a given day.

It serves as a ‘quick view’ information screen that indicates what is to be completed on a given day.


The Workflow Diary displays all outstanding activities for the date selected. It provides a single, centric view of all outstanding chases, tasks, reviews and opportunities.

The diary has been designed as an interactive tool, making it quick and easy for you to complete your work, update the progress and access the relevant profile.



Within SENRO you have the ability to create email, SMS and letter communication and marketing templates.

Creating your communications through SENRO takes up less space than an uploaded document, and data markers available within the template tool pre-populate the required data from the relevant profiles saving you time.

You also have the benefit of being able to create communications through a web hosted system anywhere in the world.


The Search and Export tool is not only used for the purpose of marketing, but can also be used for data interrogation, providing you with the ability to run bespoke reports.

Using a rich assortment of field selections and filter criteria within 18 of the search categories available, you can extract a list of results based on their qualifying information to be used within marketing campaigns or reference with the ability to also export your results to excel.


SENRO's Campaign Monitor allows you to track and monitor all email campaigns sent through the system.

Extensive reporting features allow you to see who has opened your email, or even who has clicked on a link to your website contained within the campaign template.

Pie charts and line graphs, as well as a PDF report provide a visual representation on the success of your campaign.



SENRO automatically tracks all commission and fee payments, including credits, claw backs, trail fees and accruals from multiple sources if required.

These include outstanding fee's, paid fee's, over payments and underpayments.

SENRO provides you with the ability to reconcile and manage your fee and commission payments from channel level, company level through to staff and introducer payments.


SENRO provides you with the ability to electronically reconcile your commission payments through our Batch Import tool.

Through this tool, you have the facility to upload your commission statements in a CSV format, enabling SENRO to validate your commission payments in bulk.

You can configure CSV import templates to reconcile provider or network commission statements.

This is an extremely effective way of reconciling your commission payments through eliminating the possibility of human error, and saving you a great deal of time that can be put to other productive purposes.


In the world of financial services there are various categories of income paid at different times.

Within SENRO, you have to ability to create commission and fee expectations against each product, including your own customisable client fee types, and ongoing trail and accrual payments.

Payment splits can be arranged and commission rules can be set against your channels, companies and staff, even introducers.


Keeping track of your revenue and business production, as well as staff performance can be difficult and time consuming.

Without the right software your business relies on traditional methods such as manual bookkeeping or excel, which are vulnerable to error.

Through a variety of reports and reconciliation tools, SENRO will keep you up to date with figures enabling you to analyse your company’s performance and financial information.

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